Saturday, January 31, 2009



Y'know when you've been doing for too long,
and it feels like a month past forever?
You've followed your Path faithfully,
overcoming all adversarity,
and you stop for a rest,
just a smidge to get your bearings,
and you look around,
sniffing the sounds.

Y'know, you look ahead and over to the sides,
and nothing is as it is supposed to be,
nothing is as you were told it'd be,
so you look back the way you came,
and Confusion is the only thing you see,
as you realize you can't get
from here, and yet,
tearfully understanding
your fragile
relief washes you clean
as you see your Soul
and hear it keen,
and, there's noplace you'd rather be,
but Lost,
far away
from anyone
or anyplace anyone has everbeen.

Y'know that feeling?
You would.
You could.
You should.

Y'know if you ever stopped
for just a moment,
for just a crack in the Universe moment,
a crack in Your verse,
a crack between Our verses,
a crack between these verses,
a crack that bares your Being
to its core,
and haunts your soul
with vicious torments,
and savory morsels of Truth,
and then,
having stopped,
for That moment,
you looked around
and for the first time
you'd see
the Universe,
the one that doesn't go away
when you don't believe in it.

Y'know if you looked around,
right now,
even here,
even now,
right here,
if you surveyed the scene
without your reasoned lies,
without your shared illusions,
without your figments,
or your fig leaves,
you'd find yourself
and alone,
without an inkling
no longer safe in the herd,
no longer one of many,
no longer privileged
to ignore the World
as it Is,
no body to coddle you,
just you alone,
no body to suppose to,
just you alone,
no body to defend you,
just you alone
and oh so very tender,
and oh so very tasty,
oh so
tantalizing . . .
to the marauders
masquerading as mates.
Y'know that feeling?

Ain't it terrifying?
But at the same time,
on the flip side,
ain't it delicious?

to ride the edge,
the evershifting
razor shard edge
of the Dreamtime crack
in Time and Space,
the tunnel between Our cozy
mindless verses
and the vast
mindful Universe
where Magick abounds
in harmonic sounds,
and Life is Wild
and chaotically styled,
where Death is refiled
as the Birth of a child . . .
. . . ahhh . . .
do it,
do it more,
do it
break down,
open up,
welcome in,
cuddle Death
and live
on the crest of the Universal
the conduit for Life,
ride the deep red Flow
to the rhythm of reverberating rumbles
unable to be contained
the thundering surge bursts
as a hundred
little mes,
little yous,
little us,
reaching for the stars
falling back to Earth,
in vernal pools
of Love
on bellybutton ponds

If you ever wake up,
look around
and find yourself lost and alone,
deciding the undecidable,
the Terror of Truth
the Safety of Lie,
if then,
choosing to become
One and Only,
Alone and Lost,
Small and Weak,
Frightened and Frantic,
if then,
that is what you Choose
when you stop for a Moment,
and take your Bearings,
if that,
you will find
and then,
will be
Two Here
Alone in Wonder
for just
solitarily eternal,
eternally solitary,

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Look at Our Aloneness

Look at Our Aloneness
(Inspiration from an Ojibway Prayer)

Look at our Aloneness
We know that in all Creation
Only the Human family
Has strayed from the Oneness of Nature.
We know that we are the Ones who must come together
To walk in Wildness once more
With all our kith and kin.
Mother Earth, Sacred One,
Teach us love, pride, honour and respect,
That we may heal the Earth and heal each other.

Thank You.