Saturday, February 21, 2009



I'll be Todd.
I never was
so it'll be odd.
But just because
I wink and nod
during the pause
they call for "Todd"
will be the twas
for my jihad!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rainbow Crow

Rainbow Crow

Rainbow crow with feathers aglow,
glisten preening bending sunlight,
gladful sparkle fire warming mind,

Rainbow crow with songs of wonder,
glimmer euphonic filling shade,
glowing amber notes resting mind.

Rainbow crow of beauteous hue,
gleaming the veil of midnight black,
gleening voice sings true to me.



Ice skater gliding
on a frozen river gleam!
Razor traces vein.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Dog Throw

The Dog Throw

A dog barks.
Somewhere, over that way, close by.
First annoyance, then bafflement.
Then frantic.
As if leashed tight to a post, unable to move.
It is six or seven barks, a note of urgency in each one,
echoing the neighborhood, everything else, silent and still.
No birds soar.
No cat struts.
No rat slinks.
No wind sighs.
No child sings.

No dog answers back.

I almost lift tobacco to lip,when

broken sound silence
that never begins and never ends and never is.

Within which ripples of Time replay and rebound.
And you wait an eternity tick for the future to hit.

And it comes,
a yell, a whoop,
a singularity of terror and pride
that in puddled blood wetly rides

Now I inhale the sacred smoke and sadly sigh.

Watch out for that one, he crossed the line.
He's frenzied now, he's lost, he's gone, forlorn.
A vulture roll, for someone, last throw, snake eyes.
How many unlucky throws get cried before he dies?

Another whispered plume ascends to ride the sky.

Maybe it's time, a walk to take.
I have a dollar, up the hill, a corner store.
A lottery ticket, a chance, a dream, a stake.

poor dog

That's how it is in my neighborhood.
What's it like in yours?



I am a citizen of the U.S.A.,
land of the buy one get one free,
home of car sales on presidents day,
and jobless lines in a red ink sea.

I am a citizen of the U.S.A.,
born and bred a red-neck yankee,
beyond these borders I will not stray,
for fear of foreign hanky-panky.

I am a citizen of the U.S.A.,
my paycheck is my identity,
for richer toys I constantly pray,
as I flirt with the debtor banshee.

I am a citizen of the U.S.A.,
my bank account: my guarantee,
my credit card will keep me in play,
my balance judges me bourgeoisie.

I am a citizen of the U.S.A.,
I know I am better than thee,
what care I if you all waste away?
those wads of dollars are here for me.

My job is my name,
my bank account is my honor,
my net balance is my word,
my faith is in the Almighty Dollar.

Thursday, February 05, 2009



Sunny winter wind
bites and slices as it cleans,
wiping the chalkboard.