Thursday, November 22, 2007

Prayer for a Dog

Faithful friend, loyal companion,
I say farewell to you now.
You have kept me warm at night,
You have kept me company when I was lonely,
You have protected me from danger,
and offered me unconditional love.
For this I am thankful,
and I will remember you forever.

In days gone by, Dog ran wild, untamed and free.
Man has tamed your body,
but has never tamed your spirit.
Your spirit is free of your body now.
Go and run with your pack,
Run with your wild ancestors,
Howl under the midnight moon.
Enjoy your birthright.

Join the wolf, the jackal, the wild dogs.
Run with your kin on the wild hunt.
Run, my friend, have fun.
Run, I will remember you forever.
I love you, too.

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