Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Day I Stole The Chariot Of The Sun

The Day I Stole The Chariot Of The Sun

The Day I Stole The Chariot Of The Sun

Blank page,
no need to write,
tho' now I do,
because I want.

So I give my sturdy steed a treat
and climb aboard my fleet chariot
to ride thru' the day like a wild spirit.

Storm brewing, days in coming,
no moon and full sun,
eagle and turkey,
black cat and black dog,
and crows,
all wish me well.

Old places to visit,
islands no longer,
under the sun,
the Church of the Holy Cross is locked,
so onward to a place of crossroads,
as Godzilla rains the megapolis,
wind and rain dance in abandon,
revealing magick arches
into Oncenever Lands.

The old chariot runs hot,
any mile can be the last,
spurred on by the song yet sung,
watching the veins in the rock,
bolden into arteries, I knew,
this was the right road,
to gather speed,
jump The Wall or hit it . . .
one Final Time,
in the longest dusk in a very long time.

Frankincense and myrrh scent the storm,
delighting the dancing weather spirits
into a dark and windy frenzy,
that ended with a giggle,
all was peace and calm . . .
for a mile before they stirred again,
and then to calm once more,
past trolls and dragons,
crow battling hawk,
turkey lost in music,
and heron flying proud,
all onward to a place of crossroads.

The first one hundred miles,
came to a quiet end,
under the omen of the
sign of the fish,
a stop to rest,
to stretche the ache,
and cast the stones to read
the Moment
being writ.

Such a clear communication,
in the silence of stone,
is a blessing to carry on,
the road once again is driven,
under a blue star and purple heart,
until the star becomes gold,
and all the luster becomes a lust
that ends androgynous,
as Janus mops the floor,
while Quan Yin counts change,
clouded over under dusk,
and dusk, and dusk,
a longer dusk there never was, once.

But then it ends,
and darkness falls.

Darkness Falls
(by Ameenie Shaevitz)

Darkness falls within my eyes
Fear without the cries
Look within the darkest days
Trying to see
Wishing and hoping the sun to beat within
See light within the sun
Darkness falls within my heart
Beating within the darkness
Darkness falls

The sky falls,
and kisses me,
and we dance,
in the Universal All
raining laughter and music,
as the winds of change,
blow shadows,
until the rain turns black,
and the storm billows dark,
as the clouds come passionately alive,
as the second one hundred miles,
ends with a hint,
of seasons long in coming,
how far off, I wonder,
as the wind howls in northerly bluffs,
toward the moon that is not there,
and the sun that is not here.

Last stop before the end,
time to help a newfound friend,
but time times on,
and a cold rain blows in,
that further tightens,
the harlequin's hat,
as the questing pauses,
for apples and raisins,
but the journey continues,
at a humbler pace,
and in the interlude, a wonder,
must it be fun,
to ride the road,
with cardboard plates,
that plead a "THNK U",
marked with a sharpie?
Ah, yes, it must be fun,
as the night turns round to morning,
but what spiraling lost,
while thoughts explore,
the boundaries of All,
and realize how small,
All can Be.

Lessons in humility,
play discordant rhapsodies,
that is welcome as can be,
yet ever on for the Moment,
ever on,
until the chariot rides the starting line,
and the charioteer,
becomes only nobody,
sitting outside a crazy eatery,
by the tracks,
at a crossroads,
under a moonless moon,
in the middle of Everynowhere Land.

Restless, fitless cat naps,
under a bluing sky,
all the more wondrous for the blanket of clouds,
and fitless, restless winds,
and rain,
that finally vanish,
as a new sun grays the sky,
to start the day, to start all over,
at the same starting line.

The day begins washed out,
and deflated,
the stones cast and speak,
warn of lack and danger,
as doubts creep up,
in darker shades of gray,
in a day,
that begins to sway,
in a very different way,
so bleak the hope,
once bright as noon,
now blackened to ash,
in the gray no-sun,
of Neverwill Land.

Ah, but,
humility and love,
remembered from the night,
become trust and confidence,
and muddy, rainy smiles,
walking thru' like the birthday boy,
and reality became a dream,
on the day of the longest dusk,
on the day I stole the Chariot
of the Sun.

Need to write
one more time,
going home
the long way,
by going home
changing homes.
Nay, pray tell,
'tis more than that!
Aye, a change of life,
a change of goal,
on changing paths,
in Alwayswas Land.


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