Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hey, Is That You?

This post I originally found on the Anti-Civ Library on the Web. That site has disappeared. However, I recently found it again on the Animal Liberation Front site, in their ezine "Memories Of Freedom".

What we do to our relatives is abominable. The humans who do this to animals will do this to humans, if given the chance. The soul of these vivisectionists is shriveled, wasted away, barren and polluted. This lament is not just for coyotes, but for all of us. I give it to you, from one Trickster to Another.

Hey, Is That You?
Hey, is that you? Sitting there on the hill? Watching us tonight?
Have you come to let us out of here? We’ve been waiting for you.
Crying every night.
Trying to tell you, hoping you would come.
Have you heard . . . what they are doing to us in here?
Listen, 140 coyote people crying in distress.
Each with their own story
of separation, pain, torture and death.
Listen, they are trying to tell you, enough to break your heart.
All true.
Brother. You got to let us out of here.
Warrior, listen in case you’re questioning your next move.
They starve us in here, then tempt us with sheep,
radioactive poison sheep.
And they watch us die.
Feeding our pain into a computer to study.
Sister-warrior listen, in case you are unsure.
They mate us to have pups,
then steal them,
maim them,
poison them,
we never see them again.
Only sometimes we hear them, only children.
They cut us open, take our wombs, poison us,
see if we can still have pups,
then watch us die.
And when they are done with us,
they dump our bodies by the ton,
in mass toxic grave.
Lightning-womyn sister of mine, let us out.
Thunder-man brother, pay them back.
We are Coyote, and our Medicine is strong, even now.
You and I, we are the same.
You Coyote Warrior, we Coyote.
Spirit healers.
It is our way, always wild, never die.
Morning has come and you are leaving,
our hearts are sad,
and we cry to you.
But we listen to your promise to return.
Hey its you again! You are back!
This time you stand tall, proud,
brave hearts forward as you walk the road.
Not come to watch. To act!
We see you there, cutting fence with your tools.
Coming closer, we sing, coyotes in distress, coyotes excited.
We are sick, and our tribes broken, but tonight some will go free.
We howl. One heart together with you, to give strength to our weak,
love to the ones left behind, hearts break, crying in sorrow.
Run Coyote.
Head to the hills.
Run and be free.
Be Coyote again.
Do not look back.
We hear your warrior cries, you are strong,
and use our Medicine well.
You take heart from us, and we from you.
Still there are some that are our sisters, brothers,
all star soldiers.
Maybe we will make it . . . at least some.
Coyote Warriors where are you tonight?
Today we watched the laboratory burn.
The one where our torturers hide.
We watched the flames as the sun came up,
danced and sang like Coyote again.
Now we must run, and so must you.
But forever, our hearts shall be as one.
Hey Coyote Warriors! Where are you?
We’ve been looking for you.
We need you.
We wait for you in the deserts, mountains, plains,
our home.
You Coyote Warriors belong here too.
Born to the humans, still living among them
in their crazy cities.
The time for you to leave is now. Come home.
There is much to be done.
Many of our wild ones still imprisoned, remember?
Being tortured, killed, destroyed. We never forget.
Yours is to fight, this fight dog soldier.
Keep our wild spirits alive!
Sacred hoop strong, it was never broken.
And your home is here, among us,
your wild sisters and brothers.
We have much to teach you, remind you of our power.
Come home Coyote Warriors. It is time
to reweave the web, the tribe to each other,
all to the Earth Mother.
Build your fires,
and there we will sing to you
Tell you of the days long ago,
when we were all one.
Coyote medicine is your strength.
The earth spirits are strong, and are poised to help you . . .
if you listen.
Warrior societies, your time is now.
Find each other. Come back home.
You should only be among the enemy to raid.
All you warriors, keepers of the dream,
do not let them have you.
Do not go down.
What makes you think you do not have to hide?
We must.
We have Coyote Medicine to help you stay free.
Remember what it is like to live.
Wild. Proud. Together. Free.
Prepare earth warriors.
Trickster is coming.

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