Friday, November 26, 2010

nothing is as it seems

nothing is as it seems

What do you get when different disciplines support each other in the same theory from different angles? They birth yet a new theory. Everything is more than the sum of its parts . . . and that is because nothing is as it seems.

Take this philosophical view of autism in this article by Andy Martin, philosopher and author, in the New York Times, Beyond Understanding, and merge it with this peer-reviewed piece by Simon Baron-Cohen, used as course material at Brown University, Sex Differences in the Brain: Implications for Explaining Autism, and also with this one reported by Mark Henderson, Science Editor of the London Times, Testosterone finding backs the ‘extreme male brain’ autism theory. You would do well to remember as you read these, the conventional adage that men will never understand women, and women will never understand men. As well, reflect upon the sense organs of a mantis, a spider, a lobster . . . and then again ask, as you did as a child but received no good answer, what exactly is it that a cat senses through its whiskers?

Finally, realize fully what is said in this meditation practice for beginners on the energy nature of reality, Everything Is Energy, remembering that science has not yet found the basic building block of matter, as described in this bit about the Large Hadron Collider, Place Your Bets: Will Physicists Find The "God Particle," and they never will if matter is energy as Einstein posited in his famous formula.

And so, after all that, we are left with the fact that each of us is alone within our unique bundle of sense organs, each of us sensing at least a bit differently than everybody else, all of us blind to much of what goes on around us, all of it is energy including us, and each of us desperately trying to communicate with each and every other energy thing we encounter. Why? Because nothing is as it seems.

Is it any wonder people flee reality, and need shamans, priests and wizards to be the interpreters?

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