Saturday, December 04, 2010

Dogs & Reincarnation, Mongolian Style

Dogs & Reincarnation, Mongolian Style

(originally written 02/27/10)

I was doing some research on my Mongol philosophy presentation, and I ran into this bit about dogs. Since we mentioned dogs and reincarnation briefly a couple classes ago, I thought this might be of interest for general background info on culture and tradition.

"Dogs are mentioned very often in famous historical documents and literary epics as "Dogs are the most loyal friends. They will never change poor master for a rich herder, grown by poor nomad it will never follow even a khaan." There was even a poem composed by Sandag, a famous poet of 19th century "Praise to Dog"

Ch. Jugder, well known expert on Medieval Mongolian philosophy, notes that "Mongols deeply respected and revered their dogs and the dogs never betrayed their masters."

Such respect for dogs even found reflection in the legislation. The Codes of Law from 1640 and 1709 (enforced and observed until 1921) both contain provisions prohibiting to kill or beat dogs.

Dogs, similar to horses, were buried on the hills so that people do not walk on their remains. Dog's tail was cut off and placed under the head. A piece of fat was put into their mouth and words of wishes to be born as a human being in the next life were said before burial."

"Mongolian Dog" (breed not 'registered') & child

(quotes and picture from Mongolia Today )


julie laura said...

I loved that. Thanks. Until July, I lived in a neighborhood with a lot of Tibetans. During that time, I found a dog I raised. Tibetans tell me he's a Tibetan dog, Mongols stop me on the street to ask and then tell me he's a Mongolian dog. He's the best thing that ever happened to me and I hope I can honor him by being as great as he is. Interesting karmic twist that he, a being who passes for Himalayan, grew up in a Tibetan neighborhood in the U.S., though I'm not Tibetan (this time).

OnlyEd said...

I am glad you liked it. Thank you for telling me about your dog. You two were meant to be together. Enjoy!