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Of Religionism or A Rebuke of Atheism or Incompertus Redarguo Infidus Vox

Of Religionism


A Rebuke of Atheism


Incompertus Redarguo Infidus Vox

An Ontological Elucidation by Mortimer


Imagine a thick blanket of newly fallen wet snow hushed upon a pine forest glen. The white tranquility sparkles in the immaculate sunlight after the storm. Mighty green boughs softly hold the weight of the clouds in peaceful beauty. Consider now that the snow never melts away and instead freezes into permanence. The fragile limbs of pine break and the land suffocates in a grey pallor. What then? What remains but the fustian promise of a springtime that never bloomed?


Alea Iacta Est

Om Sat Chit Ananda Parabrahma. Religionism recognizes and relates the universal order within natural chaos. Religionism distills the logical from the phenomenological. Religionism distinguishes the extinguishable from the inextinguishable. Religionism weaves the single note of the finite into the symphony of the infinite. Religionism elucidates the fundamentals of the singular, the axiology of the dyadic and the abduction of the triadic. Religionism describes and proscribes the particular actualities of our complex reality. Religionism defines the rules of society precisely as it fires the characterizing glaze of individual life. Religionism is the foundation of morality and the umpire of ethics. Religionism commissions the customs of culture and constructs the compacts of covenants. Religionism composes propriety and harmonizes convention. Religionism embrues us with perspective and begets deportment. Religionism bestows us with etiquette and bequests elegance. Religionism graces us with decorum and anoints us with dignity. Religionism decrees the good and decrys the evil. Religionism delineates the logical and thereby reveals the rational. Religionism codifies conduct and catalogues consequences. Religionism advises prudence and apprises humility. Religionism soothes the suffering of the misfortunate and adjudicates praetorian perdition for the pretenders. Religionism ordains the nobility and consecrates the luminary. Religionism endows us with fortitude and dowers us with love. Religionism fosters conciliation and invests us with sufficiency. Religionism frees us with charity and uplifts us with hope. Religionism awards us relevance and heralds our purpose. Religionism nurtures us with a home and reaps the fruit of our family. Religionism weaves families into communities and upraises communities to nationhood. Religionism liberates the supplicant from the mordant world of shibbolethian superstition and pardons the patron from pedantic pedagogy. Religionism is a salve that heals fear and a wellspring of inspiration. Religionism quiets the tremblings of ignorance and reinforces the bonds of trust. Religionism ameliorates the pain of poverty and tempers the pallidness of oppression. Religionism replaces the ravenous addiction for answers with the favoured fullness of faith. Religionism consecrates the homily of inclusion and sanctions the rhetoric of rejection. Religionism constrains our malevolent bestial passions and chaperones us to the rhapsodic euphoria of the elysian sacrament of honeyed wedlock. Religionism teaches when we know not what to do and leads the way when our mind is divided. Religionism intercedes between the vicious mortal product and the all-consuming immortal factor. Religionism transliterates the history of man and prophecies the future of mankind. Religionism reveals the a posteriori mysteries of a mythical patria and therefrom construes a priori essentiality to the hereafter. Religionism assays every aspect of our lives from one end of heavenly everlastingness 'round to the other end of heavenly everlastingness and all throughout that timeless hell without end. Religionism is the word; the word names the unknown; the word is made god. Religionism is the means to the end. Religionism conquers death. Life is lived to die.


Fiat Lux

Mors ianua vitae. We recognize and mark extremism in religions by naming them radical or fundamentalist cults. What we forget is that religionism itself is a radical, fundamentalist philosophy because it displaces the individual with a lie. Life is our eternity. Ogygion.


Cui Bono

In nomine domini incipit omne malum. Religionism is the adventitious, all-incorporative weltanschauungen apotheosis of faith whereby the chimeras of the mind birth a transcendent reality. The mandates of religionism are inscrutable. Each principle that does not nakedly reveal itself to investigation is a metonymic shackle upon the polysemic percipience of the devotees. Each semeiotic binding prohibits analysis into, and synthesis of, the natural veracity of the sacrosanct belief it upholds or the lucid truth it withholds. Religionism thereby sciolistically trammels prehension in bounds of exalted doxy. Religionism posits this cession of perspicacity as proof of the prime phenomenon. The chains of this fraudulent dogma domesticate each devotee. Each is tasked to live within the parameters of an assumptive actuality wherein there is an unfathomably aware primum mobile for the cosmos. Further, each person, from prophet to follower to convert to heretic to unbeliever to nonbeliever, is personally and foreknowingly registered in that bewilderingly empyrean mind. Further still, each person has a certain inescapable fate to fulfill barring divine intervention; man to god, woman to man, child to woman, beast to man, plant to woman. Holy manuals of maleficium mechanically tune the outlook, expectations and goals of the devout robotnik. There is a time, a place and a reason for everything, even our inexplicable permission to prefer the petty to the primordial and the guilty pleasures thereof. Religionism pimps this improbable fabrication as the quintessential reality within which all else must converge. Religionism relentlessly condemns as defective those who flounder short of completing the paradigm. Life is raw. Survival is vicious. Everyone fails the ideal. Everyone is a mirror reflecting good and evil. Nevertheless, not everyone gets a just reward, good or ill. There are always the summum bonus who have special dispensation to be contrary, and the why of their prerogative is imponderable. As well, there is the profanum vulgus for whom every turning is amiss, and the why of their indenture is baffling. Prophets and preachers can get a free pass directly from on high, but workers and wives don't get to communicate mano y deo. The gestaltqualität teachings of religionism, its peremptions on life and its muzzling of free will in the name of purity, are machinations for obligating the hapless legions to the prelationism of the elect. One of the more dastardly catechizations in the repertoire of asyndetic exhortations is the ever-present menace of deathless damnation to pacify the public into being spiritless sisyphuses. It works so well, however, that each reprobate dutifully tightens the fetters of thralldom whenever the merest whiff of free thought floats by on the cerebral breeze, and then docily kneels to lay bare back to the rock yet again. The hounds of Persephone are ever watchful for the once and future queen. Epiphenomenalism.


Aeternum Horribilis

Lacrimae pondera vocis habent. Fugacious humantime is but the fall of a tear to the consummate persistence of celestial godtime. There is no escape. Religionism chains us, tames us, and blames us in the very same manner as does its spiegelübelzwilling, scientism: connaturally circumscribing zealots into a passel of parasitic packs of mutually pugnacious mechanomorphic parishioners. The affollarsi live for the predilections of the patricianist camarillas. Permissions for unequivocal self-determinations are routinely and amerceably denied. All our dearest and deepest desires, all our purest dreams of rapture for the gravest of all the beloved sins, free will, excites naught but the consumptive insanity of guilt, shame and punishment for the addict of religionism, or the votarist of scientism. The royal troth of a sum futuro sublimis compelling the abominable wedding of freedom to helotry profanes, enslaves and rapes the only divinity within us. Amaranthine domestication replaces joie de vivre. Mortality is nothing but a confused squall in the perpetual pandemonium of the maelström. Tu deviens responsible pour toujours de ce que tu as apprivoisé.


Deus Ex Machina

Le serpent qui danse. Our civilization is now in the nescient throes of a perfidious cult that ceaselessly and cozenly seduces the wearied and weakened wills of its sotted and swindled sectarians with the glitter of gold. Belief in the divine right of the moneyed dictates who will live, and how well, and who will die, and how miserably. Money apportions survival, safety, health, education, fun, status, power and more to those who are blessed to glory in the sacraments. Money changes everything. Money aids, influences and enables. Money is the miracle that accords all the virtuous fortunes of eudomenia. Money cleans, clarifies and clears. Money flushes troubles, heals ailments and renews vigor. Money supplies entertainment, enjoyment and festivity. Money baptizes, anoints and ordains. Money provides sustenance, shelter and suits. Money rationalizes, redeems and releases. Money favors, bequeaths and celebrates. Money reprieves, relieves and rescues. Money defends, fortifies and preserves. Money mediates, mitigates and mollifies. Money extenuates, exculpates and exonerates. Money accuses, sentences and executes. Money transacts, transfers and transmutes. Money recommends, promotes and sustains. Money schools, researches and discovers. Money develops, evolves and creates. Money intrigues, edifies and bewilders. Money enthuses, enlightens and enlivens. Money appropriates, classifies and ranks. Money eases, endorses and establishes. Money implores, obliges and motivates. Money designates, discriminates and denominates. Money emancipates, enfranchises and empowers. Money encourages, inspires and conquers. Money dignifies, enthrones and glorifies. Money safeguards the freedom of the mind and recognizes the independence of the individual. Money is the impetus for productivity and the stimulant for advancement. Money stabilizes communities, builds nations and controls global events. Money heralds historic movements and validates monolithic leadership. Money is insurance against catastrophe and the seed of prosperity. Money comforts, nurtures and lavishes. Money is proof of past honour and declarer of future loyalty. Money is the confirmation of accomplished worth and the certification of forthcoming value. Money ensures human interactions are collectively consummated to virtuous advantage. Money engenders the philanthropic justice of charitable endowment by revealing the joyful wisdoms of mercy, beneficence and almsgiving. Money accrues interest, accretes with reputation and accredits truth. Money is the award of achievement and promise of progress. Money is the prime mover of invention, art and science. Money is the key of liberty and the book of justice. Money is the badge of excellence and the arch of triumph. Money is the avowal of a good life and the affiance of a facile death. Money is the holy oil of anointment. Money is the selfless sacrament of salvation. Money is pure moral principle actualized. Money is divine grace made tangible. This cant belongs to the palaverous denomination that is the prodigal child of imperial mercantilism, bully-capitalism. Homo sine pecunia mortis imago.


Sine Qua Non

Necessitarianism. All currency is declared by fiat. Belief in the objective value of money has no intrinsicality in nature, yet money pervades every interaction celebrants partake like oil on water. There is the further nihilistic belief that money is the mechanism for acquiring freedom, with the sole alternatives being blood and whips. Everyone is born without choice into this fallacious faith of currency wherein apostasy is the most unintelligible of sins. Everyone is born duty-bound. Everyone lives within a predatory eco-system embodying debts of vice and profits of virtue. Followers can conceive of no supportable good without a foundation of money, and no resolute evil that money cannot dissolve. The evolutionary whip of life is made real in the blood of money. Money buys food. Money buys clothing. Money buys shelter. Enough money allows the practitioner to survive to earn more money to survive longer. Enthusiasts live to produce money in order to control portions of the lives of other advocates, and to purchase their own lives back from other partisans. Money buys labour. Money buys skill. Money buys time. More money allocates the blessing of more wage-slaves, and further, even more money wholesales better skilled villeins. Money buys a home. Money buys a family. Money buys a future. Profit is natural serendipity for those who are productive, while debt stains and restrains the sophist and pharisee. Boundless prosperity is the natural conclusion for a life of habitual virtue, while inexhaustible poverty is righteous retribution for a life of chronic vice. Money buys respect. Money buys power. Money buys law. Money buys dreams. Money buys life. Money buys death. Money begets money. Money is the price that must be paid. The poor are misanthropic malingerers who deserve their fate because they lack the supra-natural comprehension of the blessed precepts of production, profit and prosperity. Those who cannot declare enough coin of the realm have demonstrated their deficiency and have condemned themselves to a penurious purgatory on earth. Money is the entry for every detail. Money is the bottom line. Money is the value; the value names the unknown; the value is made judgment. Money is the best of things and the end of everything else. Il fine giustifica i mezzi. Money is telos. Money is the essence of life. Shadow supplants substance. Life is lived to lie. So let it be written, so let it be done. Antinomianism.



Ousia. The wilderness is vacant of god, prince or state. Nothing unsettles one like being flat broke. Even to wonder of a life without godmoney is so terrifying in its incomprehensibility that the glitterati must always be deluded by ignorance and guarded by illusion rote-masked as tenet. By no less wicked means the creed of greed revels every hunger in insatiable futility. Money is simply asomatous paper and plastic. Nihil ex nihilo. Mammon is the hollowest of false idols and mammoney is the slick that engulfs the soul. To be aware is to be. Amor est essentia.


Quod Scripsi, Scripsi

Reject and rethink. What is and what is not. Money is an arbitrary measurement of value just as the meter is an arbitrary measurement of length. You cannot vanish length just because there is no ruler to measure it, and value does not dissipate just because there is no money to declare it. Further, length does not adjust to the current unit of measurement just as value does not fluctuate with the fugitive worth of money. Whether you believe or not, whether you heed or not, whether you understand or not, whether you name it or not, whether you lie or not, you and I both know it is so. Nec habeo nec careo nec curo.



Pragmatikotita. Consider now, what does one lack when one bows head, bends knee and slaves will to worship at the odylic altar of avarice?

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