Thursday, April 09, 2009

Faerie Houses

Faerie Houses

As I walked a winter-spring path
I saw a child beneath a tree
a girl of about six
one leg in
one leg out
confidently going about
building ramshackle fairy huts
in a finger manicured clearing
with scenic rocks and pebbles
placed artistically
along narrow wandering paths
following tree roots
and rain gutters
for the fairies
to gather
in welcome
and safety.

I stopped and watched
for a minute
a flicker grin remembrance
of child innocent ignorance
barely reached
the innocently insolent
corners of my mouth
when the child
cocked her head
and in a piercing
asked a question
asked a question of me
asked a question of me in the voice
asked a question of me in the voice of a little girl
with an undertone of royal accusation
tinged with chronic sorrow
but the birds seemed to
play background choir
and tell of stoic hope
of love rekindled
and my world faded away
as the question mark of her voice
stared me eye to eye
one leg in
one leg out

Why don't you build fairie houses?

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