Friday, May 28, 2010

I Was

I Was
Memorial Day, 2009.
I was there.
I was at a coffee house.
I was with my intimate friends.
I was drinking coffee.
I was eating elephant ears.
I was playing my harp.
I was listening to my friends play my harp.
I was inspired by the poems of my friends.
I was writing poems.
I was reciting my poems.
I was enjoying our corner of the Universe.
I was Being.
I was at the Center of the Universe.
I was.

Memorial Day, 2010.

I am here.
I am in my cabin by a lake.
I am remembering my intimate friends.
I am drinking coffee.
I am hungry.
I am playing my harp.
I am remembering the music of friends.
I am remembering the poetry of friends.
I am remembering my year-old poems.
I am writing this poem.
I am alone with a sleeping cat.
I am tired.
I am nearly finished.
I am lost in my home.
I am.

But once, I was.

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