Saturday, July 03, 2010

Capitalist Nature

Capitalist Nature
Adam Smith,
taught that God created nature
in such a way that men
could pursue their own interests
without care or worry about anybody else.

Ayn Rand,
taught that nature is brutish,
and that all who follow an ecological path
will become grunting subanimals
digging in the dirt with their bare hands.

Alexander Hamilton,
taught that nature is simple poverty
yet provides the raw materials for life
but only by industrializing nature
can man create true wealth

David D. Friedman,
teaches that nature is uncontrolled
and that a man who knows the land
has a natural right to claim it as private property
and social status determines the ultimate owner

Need I say
they loved to survey
so nature's worth to assay
it's body and soul just a gateway
to riches and wealth for today.

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