Thursday, July 01, 2010

Islamic Nature

Islamic Nature
Abu Ali ibn Sina,
creator of the Islamic scholastic system,
taught that nature is
merely an instrument for the soul
to assist men in perfecting their love of Allah,
and is the lowest of the sciences.

Abu al-Hasan al-Ash'ari,
the 3rd-century Renewer of Islam,
taught that nature is
unstable and ever changing,
there is no continuity except Allah,
who creates and destroys everything in every moment.

Abû Hâmid Al-Ghazâlî,
the 5th-century Renewer of Islam,
taught that nature is
completely controlled by Allah,
only a field of cause and effect
where Allah decrees every individual causality.

Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullāh,
the last prophet of Islam,
taught that nature is
available in unending bounty
and created for men as rewards
by the limitless generosity of Allah.

Need I say
they loved to convey
that Nature is only a pathway,
and paved our will to obey,
without thought but of to pray
that Allah will provide in every way,
without a thought for any other day.

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