Friday, July 30, 2010

A Walk Outside

A Walk Outside

i stand upon the edge of a cliff
tiny, barely a speck
inconsequential to the roaring
emptiness of the abyss far below
and yet the stillness is far close up

continuous soundless lightning
a dancing figure of rainbow flames
swirl and flash with mesmerizing hues
lightning that etches a form
just the other side of sight
in a cloudless starry night

the mists of the surging river
beckon me fall to the cave below
beneath the bleak precipice
to forget in shades of indigo sleep

ideas whisper faintly in my mind
reflecting within a starving spirit
longing to swoop to the river
and drink deep of the pureness
of everlasting eternity
and be consumed by coldness
without beginning or end

halted only by the sparks
that form within my form
life, insignificant, and yet
undeniable and endless
a tiny calm amid the storm

I turn and walk slowly
to fade back to green
trees and grass and blue
skies with clouds of white

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