Thursday, July 01, 2010

Judaic Nature

Judaic Nature
Philo Judæus,
Alexandrian philosopher and defender of the temple,
taught that YHVH is immanent in nature
and creates continuously, but only in spirit,
because all matter is the work of the devil,
and so must be defeated in order to reach the divine.

Abraham ibn Daud,
the first Judaic Aristotlean,
taught that nature is disconnected from YHVH,
that a vast heirarchy of angels
act as intermediaries between YWVH and nature,
with this world as the lowest creation.

Bahya ibn Pakuda,
the fountainhead of Judaic philosophical pietism,
taught that nature is finite,
and the usefulness of all creatures
is expressed in the bounty
they provide for man.

Moses ben Maimon,
known as The Second Moses,
taught that nature is only the shadow of YHVH,
the very existence of YHVH sustains all nature,
and so the state of nature is always a reflection
of the perfection that is YHVH.

Need I say,
they loved to downplay
Nature in every way
as only a necessary waylay
on the way to the divine bouquet,
to determine if your spirit will hold sway,
and relegate Nature to only a valet.

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