Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Squaring The Circle

Squaring The Circle

The numbers π and e, pi and Euler's Number, do not exist in nature. Therefore the circle does not exist in nature because without both π and e a circle cannot be constructed. Without the circle all of geometry becomes infinitely easier. Without both π and e all schools of mathematics become infinitely easier, and some disappear completely. Without both π and e the nature of the universe becomes infinitely easy to understand. Without both π and e cluttering the mind with endless illusory computations the fractal nature of reality is plainly evident. Fractals are simple to understand once the mind rejects both π and e. The nature of the universe, and therefore all reality, is very simple to understand. Fractals are finite sets of information that repeat infinitely at all levels. Reality is fractal. Fractals are infinite. Reality is infinitely fractal. Everything is One. One is Everything.

All theories based on the reality of both π and e are obviously complicated hogwash. Need I say, as well, that all so-called advanced mathematics using i, imaginary numbers, are only advanced delusions in the same manner as π and e? So having done away with π, i and e means the oft-called most beautiful formula, Euler's Formula, is as ugly as it gets.

As above, so below. Get with the program, yo.

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