Saturday, June 26, 2010

Scientific Nature

Scientific Nature
Sir Francis Bacon,
the father of the scientific method,
taught that nature is to be
placed on the rack, enslaved,
bound into service and
forced out of her natural state.

René Descartes,
the father of modern philosophy,
taught that nature is to be
our possession and slave,
that animals do not feel pain
even when whipped, skinned or vivisected.

Immanuel Kant,
the father of free thought,
taught that nature is to be
judged, compelled and laid bare,
the laws of nature need be broken
to the categorical imperative of human will.

Stephen Hawking,
the father of the unified universe,
teaches that nature is without soul,
empty, barren and mechanical,
that human reason will triumph
and make the universe a slave to our whims.

Need I say
they loved their naysay,
thought Nature is only a display,
and paved our way to assay,
without thought of any spiritual way,
Her intrinsic worth today
as only a commercial dossier.

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