Friday, June 25, 2010

Christian Nature

Christian Nature
A strange and most glorious mystery do I see,
said Saint John of Antioch,
Patriarch of Constantinople,
named Golden-Mouthed
for his oratory prowess,
and he did declare
the heavens and the earth,
the sea and all the rest
of creation
for men's use.

All the dumb plants and animals,
said Saint Thomas of Aquinas,
preeminent philosopher of Christianity,
named the angelic Doctor
for his inspired wisdom,
and he did declare
all of creation,
the animals, plants and earth herself,
is naturally
for men's use.

Only fools value the natural world,
said the Apostle Paul,
chosen by the Christ,
named apart from others
for his knowledge of the sacred message,
and he did declare
the entirety of nature,
every thing of this earthly existence
for men's use.

Men are incomplete in nature,
said Saint Augustine of Hippo,
patron of all holy monks,
named the Blessed
for his teaching of divine grace,
and he did declare
all manner of calamities,
all disease, sickness and sin
from uncaring Nature.

Need I say
they loved their doomsday,
thought Nature was only decay,
and paved our way to slay,
without thought to parlay,
any who thought Nature's bouquet
is our heaven today.

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