Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Invocation of Ma'at

Invocation of Ma'at

Tua Ma'ati!
Great Mother of the Sun
Descend into the arms of the earth
Winged Goddess of Justice
Come unto me who cry out to you
For truth, judgment and strength
Help me know Good!
I call upon you to unleash the energies
In my life
I call upon you to bring the truth
Into all I do and say and feel
I call upon you to give me strength
To persevere on all levels in healing myself
On all levels
In organizing, in uniting
And in bringing about a new Creation!

Tua Ma'ati!
I invoke
The black free-standing Feather of Ma'at
The crystal star gleaming within
The outpouring of interstellar energies
Flowing and snaking through the earth
Filling every living thing
With the will toward harmony
And symphony.
I invoke the Scales of Ma'at
The Extremes and The Center,
All One.
I breathe the quantum flux
Filling me with the song
Of All, of One.
I invoke the Sacred Law of the Universe
The innate Justice
That governs All
I channel this energy in my work
I am a conduit of the Black Flame of Justice
And the silence of truth-in-action
I am unified with all Life
Through the breath of Ma'at
Your heart-beat fills my ears
As the sound of a singing healed life!

Tua Ma'ati!
Mother of infinity
Goddess who guides the sun
The planets
And all the ever-moving stars
Guides me always in my hour of need!
Great Cosmic Mother
It is so.

Tua Ma'ati!
I invoke the crow haired Goddess
Who weighs the Truth
In my heart,
And reveals All.
I enter the chamber of Truth
And stand before the great power of Justice
Ma'at, crowned with the feather of crow
Revealed in all your manifestations
I call forth the center of Truth and Justice
From within and without
I name this power Ma'at
And I manifest it here and now
As knowledge, will and action
Through the strength and energy of my limbs
May the judgment of Ma'at
Be done!
Through the clarity of my mind and loins
May the judgment of Ma'at
Be done!
Through the Black Flame of Justice in my heart
May the judgment of Ma'at
Be done!
Tua Ma'ati!


Sarai said...

Very powerful! Did you write this?

OnlyEd said...

I only modified it -- it is my version of an extant invocation that has several interpretations. Other versions can be found on the web, two such are:

I agree, it is a powerful invocation, but then, to invoke Ma'at is a serious endeavor, and a powerful affirmation of life purpose. I am glad you like it, and hope it serves you well.