Tuesday, June 08, 2010


I had ketchup today
with my french fries
for supper
french fries and ketchup
that's all
ketchup and french fries
I'm poor
ketchup is a luxury
I haven't had any
. . .
in over a year
the taste is amazing good
no corn syrup
just vine ripened
and salt
amazing taste
how sweet the savor
for a wretch like me
it once was common
but now is sovereign
once bland, now grand
'twas ketchup that made my tongue to lick
and ketchup my hunger relieved right quick
how divine did that ketcup taste
from a year of no red paste?

Ah, it was like savoring grace!

Through many days, nights and tears
a year already gone
'tis ketchup that covers my fries tonight
and ketchup red and shiny bright
in lines and puddles just for me.
I squirt and squirt and squirt it on
both condiment and portion be,
as long as supper doth endure.
If I live for ten thousand years
never again to taste the sun
glowing cold blood red
on steaming hot french fries
this day's only meal
was worth the steal.

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