Saturday, June 05, 2010

It's Wild, Yo.

(written 06/09)

It's Wild, Yo.
(painting by lryiu)

Welcome to The Wild.
You scream in the dark.
You can't see the fear.

Spread the word along
it won't be long.

Come with me to The Wild
and we will Never come Back.

There's nobody out there.
There's nobody there.
Are you really here?
Stay with me a while,
open your eyes,
come out of hiding,
come, Harlequin, fool with me!
Here I am at the ends of the world.

Come share the dark shadows of our minds.
Be afraid because we are here alone.
Be aware it is midnight at the center of the universe.
Stay and shed all your shame.
Shed your money and your disease.
Come walk our dreams together.

You know who you are.
You are a Wild One.
Dance all night under the moon
until you reach the other side
and then you will Live!

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